Moglue Announces Closure of its Service

Moglue Closure Announcement


In an email sent to all its users today, Moglue has announced that it will be shutting down it’s services on January 10th 2014. Founded in 2010, Moglue provided a platform that allowed anyone with no coding experience to create interactive e-books and publish them on Apple app store, Android markets and Amazon Kindle as a stand alone app, using its MoglueBuilder application.

Following is the text of the email sent by Moglue to its user’s about the announcement of service closure:

Dear User,

Moglue has provided an interactive app book platform for 3 years now and we have been proud to let people who didn’t have a programming background create their own story apps.

Unfortunately, we can’t keep our business anymore. We apologize for not giving further notice but funding was so close and we expected we could keep things running.

We want to thank everyone who worked with us in the past and let partners and collaborators know that our journey ends here.

For user who already purchased a Moglue product we will give a permanent offline version of MoglueBuilder (which means no publishing limit but no more future support) to each one to keep your work.

Please email us if there is anything we can do for you before the closing date january 10th, 2014. and if anyone who want to purchase our source code, please contact us too.

The Moglue Team

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