List Of Startups That Gave a Demo at Unpluggd Bangalore

I was at the yesterday’s #unpluggd event. Here is the list of the startups that gave the demo:

  • Deck: Online platform for making ready presentations that comes with zero formatting options, no bullet points, mobile first strategy. At the event they announced the launch of their desktop edition.
  • Keymails: email prioritization plugin for MS Outlook, helps priorite emails based on a self-learning algorithm by looking at the mails of past 30 days. Currently only available as a plugin for Outlook 2010.
  • MyWindow: A social-network based on interests rather than other mundane stuff. One can create their video profiles and use them as cover pages.
  • Whatfix: Aims to create quick interactive guides on the web and share them easily.
  • Echo: Aims to refresh your TV viewing experience by voice based navigation and program sharing using a dongle that connects to your existing Set Top Box and an app that is installed on your smartphone. Currently the app is available for Android phones only.
  • Martmobi: Aims to fill the gap that currently exists in online purchaes via mobile phones and tablets by developing mobile optimized  ecommerce platform for companies.
  • Muhive: Cloud based customer engagement module for social networks, blogs, websites and emails. Provides a single dashboard for all the interactions carried out. Its a SaaS based offering and their focus is on automating the tasks.
  • Fluid motion: Gesture based recognition platform that allows you to control computers and other hardware devices.
  • Betaout: An online collaboration suite designed for publishers and digital agencies. Aims to streamline editorial project management and content production.
  • Instasafe: Cloud based secure access solutions for geographically dispersed offices and mobile workforces. Requires installation of an agent on the end points/servers for VPN that is delivered via cloud.

If you were at the event, which one was your favorite and why? Share your thoughts.

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